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Don’t you love unique fashion items? I do too. Wearable art, artwear, or "art to wear," is a personal passion in development.

My interests here include fine or expressive art in the forms of hand-made clothing and jewelry. At the same time however, I haven’t reached the point where the item’s aesthetic quality predominates over its utility.

So my items are both wearable and art, as I personally demonstrate every time I wear them!

Where fabric stops and art begins

Beaded Jewelry

My latest passion has been the creation of beaded jewelry. Several of the items I’ve made represent a days-long creation. Others were made in just a few hours. But all of them have been fun and fulfilling to make.

They have required full attention of my imagination (all designs are original creations), decisions about color and flow, and of course, needle skills. Several were nearly finished but I completely satisfied, so they required complete restarts. I loved making them and love looking at them. Each has captured my heart in some way.

You can see and purchase them by clicking here.

My Southwest Coat

While in St. George, Utah, I found some beautiful fabric panels with Southwest themes. I thought they would make a lovely pattern for a jacket. This is the end result.

The front panel and the cuffs are hand-pieced. The buttons are pewter frogs I picked up in Singapore. The back panel is fabric featuring a Southwest pot, embellished with paint, braids, and beads. The lining has another panel (I like my linings to be interesting) and has a pocket.

If you look closely you'll see that both the front and back are hand-quilted.